Model 450-010  Rodded Piston Transfer Vessel

The Model 450-010 Rodded Piston Transfer Vessel is a 316 stainless steel vessel with a rod extending from a floating piston out through one end of the cell for easy indication of the piston position. The vessel is rated for 19 mPa (2700 psi) working pressure and volumes of two and three liters.

Model 450-020  Floating Piston Cell

The Model 450-020 Floating Piston Cell is the same 316 stainless steel vessel with a piston floating between the driving and driven fluids without the extending rod.

Model 452-020  Floating Piston Cell

The Model 452-020 Floating Piston Cell, the same as Model 450-020 above, is made with an alloy steel jacket and 316 stainless steel liner, and is rated for 69 mPa (10,000 psi) working pressure.

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