Core Plug Retort and Oven


Model 480

Core Plug Retort and Oven


Retort analysis is used to measure the fluid and gas content of a plug sample. The measurement is relatively quick and affords modest accuracy. Plug samples, drilled from the full diameter core, are place in a stainless retort and capped. The retort is placed in an electric oven, heated to drive off the water, and then the temperature is increased to drive off the oil. The vaporized fluids are condensed and collected in a graduated receiver.


The Model 480 Core Plug Retort and Oven features an electric oven with capacity for 12 retorts. An additional set of 12 retorts is supplied so that one set can be cooled and loaded while the first set is in the oven. The condenser is water cooled using tap water. The retorts are 304 stainless steel with gasketed screw lids. The temperature of the oven is knob-selected. The oven heater elements are stainless-sheathed and operate at low-watt density for long life.




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