Core Photo System

UV and White Light


Model 350

Core Photo System

Color photographs taken with the Model 350 Core Photo System are used for a permanent record of the whole core appearance and are usually made before any sample plugs are taken.  The photographs provide a method to view the core remotely for lithologic interpretation.  A single piece of whole core or five full boxes can be photographed in one frame.  Generally, two white light photos and one ultraviolet light photo are taken.  The white light photos are taken one dry and one wet.  The core is wet with water from a spray bottle to make the surface colors and features stand out.

Ultraviolet light causes florescence of some of the crude oil components so that crude residue on the core surface is visible in UV photographs.  The UV photos are taken with the core dry.

This system provides a stable mount for the camera, strobe lights, and ultraviolet lights.  The camera is mounted on a swing-down arm that is counterbalanced and motion damped so that camera settings can be made without changing the view.  The framework is mounted on tracks so that it can be moved from one setup to another on each end of the layout table for faster processing.  A black felt mask and plastic annotation letters are provided.

A room that can be made totally dark is required for the ultraviolet photos.

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