Quick Access Core Holder


Model 270

Quick Access Core Holder

The Model 270 Quick Access Core Holder is available mounted on a stand with annulus supply oil pump, gage, and hand vacuum pump, as depicted in the photo. The vacuum pump is used to apply a slight vacuum to the annulus so that the sample can be easily removed or installed. The cell is rated for 69 mPa (10,000 psi) working pressure for both the confining and pore pressure. Confining stress is applied hydraulically to the sample circumference and ends. Interchangeable parts allow the cell to hold 1.0" (25.4 mm) diameter X 2.87" (72 mm) or 1.5" (38.1 mm) diameter X 2.85" long.

Alternatively, an optional longer version is available that accepts samples with a minimum length of 2" (5 mm) and a maximum of 4.85" (123 mm).

As an option, one of the end pieces, that contacts the core, can be electrically insulated from the cell to facilitate two electrode resistivity measurements.

Model 370

Quick Access Core Holder

This core holder, the same as Model 270, is for 70 mm diameter X 150 mm length plug samples.

Model 410

4-Inch Hassler Cell

This is a simple Hassler core holder large enough to hold 4-inch diameter samples, and it is rated for 69 mPa (10,000 psi) working pressure. Electrical feed through and multiple fluid ports are optional.

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