General Description

The CMRE Model 535 Rotary Counter is an electronic replacement for the Badger Meter Model CMR mechanical rotary counter.  The mounting dimensions and shaft position are the same.  The CMRE is intended as a direct replacement for the CMR.  Both the Count (preset) value and the Delay (dwell) value are settable.  The Delay or dwell value is the number of revolutions the output relay remains energized after the Count or preset revolution value is reached; that is, the output relay is energized for the Delay number of revolutions.  A running total of the number of output cycles is maintained.  Entering the COUNT and DELAY values is a simple intuitive operation.

Specifications for the CMRE

Electric Power Requirement                  117 vac, 60 Hz, 1 amp

Output                                                 Form C relay contacts, 7.5 amp 120 vac

Input shaft diameter                              .500 inches

Weight                                                  9.2 lbs.

Maximum speed                                    5,000 rpm

Count Range                                        1 to 9,999 revolutions

Delay (dwell) Range                              0 to 9,998 revolutions

Maximum Total Value                           9,999 output cycles

Mounting Position                                  Any

Shaft Rotation                                       CW or CCW

Counter Increments                                Both Directions

Counter Functions                                  set COUNT

                                                              set DELAY

                                                              read and zero TOTAL

                                                              toggle OUTPUT on and off

                                                              set CURRENT COUNT VALUE


Differences between the CMR and CMRE are:

1)      The CMRE requires 115 volts AC at 1 amp for power,

2)      The CMRE continues to count down no matter the shaft direction, where the CMR will change count direction as the shaft direction changes.  The CMR counts down until the shaft direction reverses, and then, the CMR counts back up until the shaft reverses again.

3)      The CMRE output relay energizes when the COUNT value is reached and the relay stays energized for the DELAY number of turns, where the CMR output switch closes before the stop is reach and remains closed after the stop is pass for one turn or more.