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Tabber on Short Pedestal with Short Tape Channel


Model 530

Tab-Serter with Short Pedestal and Short Tape Channel


A Tab-Serter is a device that will place a paper tape marker in a stack of paper from a printer. When used with the specially designed electronic counter controller, the tape marker is precisely marks the paper stack.


General Information

This Tab-Serter is a redesign of the forty-year-old Badger Meter tabber. The best points of the Badger device have been retained while improvements have been made to lengthen the life and increase the speed of the Tab-Serter.



Two solenoids are used instead of one. One solenoid advances the tape and then a second solenoid cuts the tape. Each solenoid is pulsed for a fraction of a second so they never run hot.

The clutch spring used in the Badger tabber has been replaced with an off the shelf roller bearing clutch with a long life.

A new, easy-to-set, electronic counter with a simple menu is included.

Input speed to the counter has been increased to 20,000 sheets/hour.

Maximum tab rate is one/second.



Pedestal Height

Tall 31 to 49

Short 18 to 27

Tape Channel Length

Long 17 beyond the tabber body

Short 8 beyond the tabber body


Filtered for dry contacts (limited sheet rate)

Unfiltered for solid state (high speed sheet rate)

Electric Eye for sheet counting or rotating shaft pickup

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